The Restored Colosseum

There is great news for tourists wishing to visit Italy this year. Great changes are expected in some of the most important tourist hotspots in the world: the Colosseum, Pompeii, the Egyptian museum, the Royal Palace of Caserta, and the XIII Century villas of Como Lake..

1) Rome: The Restored Colosseum

The Colosseum, the biggest amphitheatre in the world (estimated capacity: 70,000 people) is the most majestic and most visited monument of Ancient Rome survived to modern days. The refurbishment of the outer part of the Colosseum has brought back to life the original beauty of the travertine covering.

Sono 11 le domus romane riaperte dal fine 2015 a oggi

A fresco from a reopened domus in Pompeii

2) Pompeii: The Reopened Domuses

Since April 2016, five new domuses have been reopened to the public. A domus was an ancient, luxurious roman villa, featured by marvellous frescos and amazing gardens. Recently, accurate copies of statues and furniture have been installed inside these villas. Other six new domuses have been opened to the public since the end of 2015. Over three million tourists visited the ancient roman city, buried by Vesuvio’s lava in 79 AD, in 2015 alone.

Torino, the egyptian museum

The egyptian museum

3) Turin: The New Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian museum in Turin is the second biggest in the world after the one in Cairo,
holding one of the most important collection of Ancient Egypt archaeological discoveries. The exhibition space has been completely renewed: it appears today as a four-storey building, featuring objects from 4,000 BC to 700 AD.

Visit Caserta Royal palace at night

Caserta Royal palace

4) Caserta. The Palace Under The Moonlight.

The bourbon palace of Caserta and its park, milestones of the bourbon art, are considered to be the Italian version of Versailles. The complex of the royal place, with its 2.5km-long gardens, with its 1.200 rooms, is one of the biggest in Europe and in the world. There will also be concerts of classical music in the gardens.

Weddings at Villa del Balbianello

Villa del Balbianello,
Lake Como

5) Como: Always Opened Villas.

Como Lake. From Varenna to Bellagio, from Cernobbio to Tremezzo: Como Lake is still one of the most loved Italian lakes by foreigners thanks to the elegance of its villas, and the beauty of its landscapes. This year there will be more time to visit its historical villas thanks to extensions of the opening times. Villa Del Balbianello and Villa Carlotta were the first ones to participate to this initiative, and will remain opened not only throughout the autumn but also till the end of the year.