The enchanting view over Lake Como from La Madonnina restaurant.
La Madonnina restaurant is in Barni, a very tipical rural village you can get driving 20 minutes by car  from Bellagio.

The menu is very reach also if not very light: difficult to decide among polenta with cervo, polenta e salamella, gnocchi, pasta alla valtellinese. But a sorbetto at the end can help.

At the end of the Italian lunch, nothing better than a short walk (chatting in Italian), into the nature, from La Madonnina restaurant to La Conca di Crezzo, where we can walk around a very small lake in a very simple and rural landscape.

At the end of the walk we get la casa delle Ortensie, a beautiful house from XVIII century, with La Grigna mountain group behind

A very special Italina lesson

A very special Italian lesson at the Rifugio Martina, above Bellagio


Yesterday with Livia (Usa) we decided for a different Italian lesson. A very special one.
From Bellagio, we got to Parco Monte San Primo by car (it’s also possible to get there by bus).

Around us only woods, green, cows, silence…

We started walking and chatting in Italian. Walking helps you to express yourself without thinking too much of rules, grammar, and how correct is your Italian conversation.

After 40 mimutes walking (not too strong) and chatting in Italian (also discussing about the correct use of the future tense in Italian!) we got to the Rifugio Martina and we had this enchanting view:

The enchanting of Lake Como at the rifugio Martina (Bellagio)

The enchanting view of Lake Como and Bellagio from Rifugio Martina

The light was so beautiful… The lake in front of us so blue…,
… but we continued to study… waiting for the food.

We choose a light, but tipical local food: polenta taragna (delicious) with four different types of local cheese.

Rifugio Martina, Bellagio

A delicious polenta taragna with local cheese at rifugio Martina, above Bellagio

Then, the way back was easy and cool under the trees…
And, of course, the Italian was more fluent…

Verso il rifugio Martina, Bellagio

The wood before the Rifugio Martina

Getting to Rifugio Martina, Bellagio

The rifugio Martina is just up there


It was October 2017, nice weather, nice group at the Italian course.
Lessons in the classroom and lessons outside, discovering rural art, meeting Italian local people and talking to them. Here we are in Barni, looking at the portraits of local people displayed in the streets of the village and frescoes from rural art, with a special guide: Giulia Caminada, a photographer, author of a very special book “”Un Paese in posa”, a village portrait between the the past and the future.

Bellagio Barni, Italian lessons on Lake Como

Visiting Barni, with a special host, the photographer Gulia Caminada, author of a special book “Un Paese in posa”, with the portraits of every single inhabitant.



Italian lessons in Milano with a special guest, the Bbc kitten, Wussywat

Italian lessons in Milano with a special guest, the Bbc kitten, WussywatSimon Rolph, London, Uk

What luck it was that I happened upon Antonella. After a brief internet search for teachers in Milan, She replied quickly to my last minute request for an Italian course. Her suggestion of 5 x 3 hour sessions over the period of a week was ideal for total immersion in the language and culture. I am a beginner and have an ear for the accent but have a lot of trouble retaining words. I can not recommend enough Antonella’s style for this kind of study. She prepared a series of exercises for me determined by my level and initiated conversations in Italian at every opportunity. I loved this style of learning and consider Antonella to be exceptional in making me feel at ease to push that little bit harder. Antonella, I cannot recommend you enough! Grazie Mille!!

Livia, Nevada, Usa

“Antonella was wonderful. She was patient and fun to work with. Taking Italian lessons from Antonella made my visit to Italy extra special”.

Jill, Washington State, Usa

“When you’re trying to learn a new language in your middle or later years, you need a talented instructor who not only has experience with teaching new to advanced students, but who also has endless patience and dash of humor to help you weather the often humiliating process of speaking and understanding the Italian language. I have been studying Italian for 2 years from different teachers in Italy and the United States, and Antonella is the best of the bunch. She uses a variety of teaching methods to help the student learn grammar and practical uses of the language, which also help to retain everything beyond the classroom lessons. Her kindness and professionalism are so welcome and appreciated, I wish that I could work with her every day!”

Wicky, Australia

“Grazie Mille Antonella for your Italian language classes. The individual classes as well as the week long group intensive class with you in Bellagio helped me to feel very confident in being able to speak, listen and communicate while living in Italy. Grazie Mille!”

Bob, Uk

“Thank you! You helped me to understand Italy!”

Jen, Colorado,Usa

Thank you, Antonella, for the fun and interesting lessons. If it hadn’t been for you my trip to Italy to look for the roots of my family would not have been possible.