1. 1)    Forget your mother tongue and speak only Italian with the teacher: if you have any difficulties then use hand gestures and be very patient: you will learn more easily to express yourself.
  2. 2)   Choose to live with an Italian family, so that the benefit of your lessons will continue even when the lesson is over.
  3. 3)    If you can, learn to cook Italian food: recipes will also teach you a lot of useful language and there are plenty of good, simple ones to choose from, starting with pasta with fresh tomato and basil.
  4. 4)    Go shopping: it will provide great opportunities for listening to and practising the language and for appreciating the richness and variety of food in Italy: from fruit to vegetables, from fish to wine and desserts. Have fun going to an open-air market and immersing yourself in a flow of lovely smells, words and faces.
  5. 5)    Sitting outside at one of many cafés in Italy is an unmissably pleasant experience, which will also often allow you to converse with Italians sitting nearby.
  6. 6)    Even if it is difficult to begin with, listen to Italian songs. You may not understand, but that does not matter: your ear will get used to the sounds of Italian, and you will appreciate better the country’s melodic spirit.
  7. 7)    Yes to television and cinema, but only in Italian!
  8. 8)    Don’t ask for help if you need to book a hotel, restaurant or taxi. Call to make the booking yourself in Italian: an excellent opportunity for testing how well you are getting on.
  9. 9)    If your car breaks down or if your flight is cancelled, don’t get annoyed: see it as an opportunity to practise the language. You will never forget any new words and phrases you learn at that time.
  10. 10)  It’s a good idea to read something in Italian before going to sleep, maybe something on the easy side which will give you encouragement with your learning.

The prize for studying so intensively is the probability you will begin to dream in Italian: if that happens, then you will truly be able to say you have learnt Italian.