I successi dell'Italia alleOlimpiadi di Rio

In Rio de Janeiro, Gregorio Paltrinieri e Gabriele Detti won gold and silver medals for swimming the free style 1.500

Perhaps only few people know that Italian is the fifth most studied foreign language in the world, the eighth most used by Facebook users and is the 21th in the world by diffusion.

It is estimated that it is spoken by over 155 million people, divided as follows: 60 million permanently resident in Italy; 4.5 million Italians living abroad, more than 80 million descendants of Italian emigrants (since it makes the Italian diaspora second after that of China); the rest is divided between former colonies and those studying the language for work, study, pleasure, or tourism. But the reality may be far greater than the estimates if we take into account that the Eurobarometer, the statistical agency of the European Union, ranks Italian in 6th place among the most spoken languages in the EU as L2 (second language), considering that it is spoken by at least 14 million people.

As for the rest of the world, it is worth noting that in Canada, according to the 2006 census data, Italian ranks third most common native language after English and French, while in the US, on the one hand we note the growth of Italian as the most studied second language, with a continuous increase in interest for Italian classes, on the other hand it appears that Italian is the second most spoken language at home in four counties: Macomb (Michigan), Lawrence (Pennsylvania), Brooke and Hancock (West Virginia).