• No more than 8 students

    The course programme and indeed each lesson are planned taking into account both the overall objectives of the class and each student’s level of Italian. That’s why the courses, upon request, will start with a minimum of 3 students till a maximum of 8 students.
    The course’s goal is to learn italian, to learn how to think and express yourself in Italian and not how to translate your english expressions into Italian language!.


    June and September-October

    A weekly course (24 lessons consisting of:
    – 20 lessons of 45 minutes each (9am-12,15am Monday-Friday)
    – 1 afternoon (4 lessons) with the teacher for a lunch together, visiting somewhere of cultural interest or simply conversing in Italian. s

    At the afternoon meetings students may practise directly all that they have learned in class, through informal and spontaneous conversation, just as in everyday life:
    from conversations in a restaurant (booking, ordering, asking questions about the menu, paying etc) to meetings with prominent Italian personalities from the world of culture, journalism, local life etc, and from visits to local places of artistic or naturalistic interest to cooking and shopping together.


    A weekly course consisting of:
    – 20 lessons (9am-12,15am Monday to Friday)


    I also offer:


    . Group Conversational Italian

    • Business Italian lessons

    • Legal Italian lessons


    • It’is also possible to have an Italian cooking lesson.