Study Italian at lake Comotional group

How to study Italian having fun
My method is simple: I put every single student at the centre of my lessons, taking into account their Italian-language background and rate of progress.

The course programme and indeed each lesson are planned taking into account both the overall objectives of the class and each student’s level of Italian.

In the classroom no one should ever be bored: everyone should participate fully and learn while also having fun, thereby discovering not only a new language but also a whole country, culture and cuisine different from their own (hence the reason for supplementing the morning lessons with two afternoons of “Italian in freedom” activities).

Lessons are highly varied, ranging from conversation useful for living in Italy (with clear explanation of the fundamental grammatical rules) to reading texts, from quizzes to games, from videos to exercises and to using gestures and movement as an aid to learning.
Most important of all is that each student should be immersed in Italian so as to assimilate the language with the proficiency of a native speaker.